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Alone upon the hill,
you stand.
Winters hand,
grips your limbs,
cold wind ripping,
at your core.
Just a shadow of yourself,
stands before the world.
But fear not,
soon winters hold,
will be burnt sunder.
Once more the light,
will fill your core.
Once more you shall bloom,
once more the beauty,
in you shall shine.
and know this,
alone you shall never stand,
for no matter were,
no matter what.
Be it light,
be it dark.
You shall always,
have a freind,
in me
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 6 8
Snow flower
On a cold winters day,
we did meet.
A snow flower,
I did pick for you.
In a locket by you heart,
you did place it.
But as the years did part,
so did we.
And in the end,
apart we did become.
It could not be helped,
a life was not for us.
And as I depart for the last,
with one last look back.
I see you standing there,
a locket by your heart.
A snow flower as fresh,
as the first,
I did see you.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 7 12
What love is all about
When they are sad,
and low,
sitting In a corner.
Sit down beside them,
hold them,
don,t say a word,
and just cry with them.
And in that moment you,
will find a love,
so pure.
No finery can ever,
buy it.
No words can ever speak it.
And what more do we,
need in life.
Then just a simple touch,
by the one we love
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 13 8
Christmas toes by dorroaker Christmas toes :icondorroaker:dorroaker 4 5
Are we just grains of sand,
Being washed about on,
The beach of life.
Are we just pawns,
To be played with,
At the wimps,
Of the gods
Are we just part,
Deep Thought's program.
We just don't know,
There is a way to find out,
But I don't think,
Anyone of us,
Want to find out soon.
What is life when ,
You really look at it,
Not much,
Is there meaning to it.
The one question about life,
That can never be answered
Is Why.
In the history,
Of the world's life,
We are still children.
In a blink of an eye,
It can all turn to,
So don't let it slip by,
Kneel before it,
Hold it why you can.
But when the fates call,
There is no back.
But brother,
Fear not the return.
For we are children of  the earth.
Gaia will take you,
Into her arms,
To her bosom,
She will hold you,
To keep you safe,
To keep you warm,
And peace you shall find.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 4 6
With veins turned black with pain,
And a heart turned to stone.
She plunges the knive,
into his,
sleeping body.
Not once,
not twice,
but more,
times she,
cares to count.
It was all his fault,
for years he has treated,
like nought.
And today was to be,
there special day,
the day they first met.
But as normal,
he did not care,
it was always,
his wants.
His love for her had gone,
what was her live to him,
just a reminder of a world,
gone wrong.
For too long she,
had taken it all.
But tonight she had enough,
she could only take so much,
something had to give.
Tonight she decided,
what had to be done.
For her to live,
for her to grow,
something had to change.
And she know he would not leave,
so this was the next best thing.
As she watches,
her lovely white sheets,
turn red,
she smiles,
for now she is free.
Slowly she takes off her ring,
a ring from a union,
that has long been broken.
Slowly she places it on his back.
She gets up,
and without looking back,
She can see no
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 8 6
Emma : Part 2
She sits on the door step,
smiling at the child in her arms.
She sits waiting for the postman,
it has been a week since husband has wrote,
it has never been late before.
But she has heard of the battle,
raging on the Somme,
so it mite be delayed.
So knows not were he is,
but she hopes he it not there.
There has been a terrible,
loss of life there,
she can not think of him there,
dying all alone.
At last she sees the post coming,
she calls out,
but he does not answer back.
As he opens the gate,
she knows why,
In his hand he has,
a yellow envelope.
She has seen many of these,
a speical telegram from the government.
Her smile has gone,
her life has stopped.
As he comes to her,
she does not put her hand out,
to take the mail.
He put it down beside her,
and says.
"I,m sorry, your husband will be missed"
She does not replay.
Should he stay and greave with her.
she says.
"Go I can sees you have more to deliver"
Today will not be a good day for the village.
100 did marched out,
how many will c
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 4 0
What we have become
When she closes her eyes for the last,
she will dream the dream of the end.
With one flash of the blade,
her soul is ripped from her throat.
Her body dumped,
with the waste of the land,
hidden from the world.
Will she be missed,
will someone pound the streets,
in the dead of night,
Wondering what become of her.
Or will she just become,
another victim of life.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 3 9
Emma : Part 1
In the gray light of dawn,
in a trench on the Somme,
he leans against a ladder,
the summer battle is about,
to start.
He will be one of the first,
Oh he is so lucky.
So care free when they joined,
over by christmas they said,
now two years later,
and still no end.
Oh to be home with her,
to hold the daughter,
he has never seen.
But he know it will never be
Oh to  sit once more by the lake
Oh to hear his daughter,
just once.
But he know time is short.
Once it was for king and country,
now its trying not becoming,
a scared voice crying in the dark,
in no-man's land.
Crying for a mother,
that can not help you,
dying all alone,
no one to help.
And today he know he will,
become one.
Oh why did he join
But why worry know,
he know its over,
he as seen the reaper.
Just make it quick,
he does not want to lie,
there for days.
But if he does,
he wonders who will,
he call for with his,
last voice.
With trembling hands,
he takes one last look,
at the photo of them.
Oh why didn't he write
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 5 3
Love is like water,
cupped in your hands,
you hold it tight,
but with one slip,
a hole can appear,
falling out,
and leaking away,
soaking into the ground,
and lost forever.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 3 3
What is it all about,
are we just grains,
of sands being,
washed on the beach
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 5 4
From the moment you are born,
you are dying,
every second is a,
second lost
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 5 6
Have you ever wanted,
to be a bird,
and just fly away,
and leave it all
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 4 5
Have you ever looked,
up at the night sky,
and wonder how many,
are looking back at you.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 3 5
Is a falling star,
in the sky,
just physics,
or is it a angel,
screaming to it's
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 4 5
Is a bump in the night,
nothing at all,
or is it a past life,
searching for you.
:icondorroaker:dorroaker 2 0




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